Thursday, October 12, 2006

Tormented Life

One of my teeth, the 3-6 in dento-lingo, or Wunderzahn as my current dentist at the University Clinic dubbed it has been a pain in the mouth since February ... when it received the first root canal treatment.
After the first two weeks in agony - despite around 8 visits to my now-ex-dentist/clinic, which it took before I received a medication that took away the immediate acute pain - weeks and months followed during which the tooth was in turn allowed to calm and would then be opened again just to hurt again when the root canals were probed. Which shouldn't have been so, legions of denitsts have attested since then.
Today after about 4 month at the new clinic it was finally examined under microscope, but no 4th canal has been detected, the source of the recurring pain (which has set in dramatically again yesterday, after the tooth had been opened again) is still a mistery ... which might make extraction the unavoidable final answer to this b*tch of a grinding tool.
Only about two years back extraction was the fate of it's symmetrical counterpart in my right lower cheek - which crumbled after month of opening and closing the root canals again as it still hurt during and after the canal treatment when it should have been dead - just like this one.

... Since February ... !!


bereweber said...

oh magnus, damn!
i am really really sorry
i complain a lot heh heh but tooth chronic pain is the worst thing EVER!!! i am sorry you went through that and through the "legions of denitsts" (so funny) i am glad you got rid of it? hope you feel better now...

now i know why perro & i hear some high pitched pain-moaning in SD, it seemed to come all the way from Vienna, it was you with the tootache ;)

hope you are now better :)

Magnus said...

thank you bere, that's nice f you ... it's not over yet however ;(
.. but it's under control with medication - the tooth has been aroused when opened on wednesday and thursday. (wednesday the filling i had in it during summer was removed and checked if i felt anything when the canal was probed; thursday i had the microscopy, the canals were also opened deeper)
i'll have to keep it at least until my next appointment ... which is ok with the drug, but i neither took that nor had local anaesthesy on wednesday/thursday.
no wonder that you heard me across the globe ;)