Sunday, October 08, 2006

Documented Life

I was visited by eSeL last week, who shot some photos of my still-in-progress latex-man(-alien?) and some of the Popelismus-paintings.
Lorenz managed to capture when I posed with the (magnetic) latex-sculpture picking up a magnet from my hand - I also love the one where I can see myself in the reflection on the TV in the background, especially in the original sized picture.

Talking of the original sized pictures, I am wow'd by how on the Popelismi you can see every pore of the canvas magnifyed ... booger bigger than life!

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bereweber said...

oh wow! mister latex man is so tall, i pictured him smaller and he's still shaking and coming to life...
i like this project magnus!
the latex man feels like an old friend to me :) he knows i care for his rights and that i still hope he is not being over-worked (holding magnets and having to fulfill other heavy duties imposed by his mean creator...)