Thursday, October 26, 2006

Life, Coffee and Laptops

Yesterday, when I was decorating a window inside MQ's Electric Avenue with ROBOEXOTICA propaganda, I gave a demonstration why one should never, ever allow a cup of coffee to stand by itself next to a laptop ... in a chain-reaction that involved my hand, the cup and Stefan's mac-book.

The relief today when the dried laptop resumed function is almost indescribable.
Right after the incident we turned the mac-book upside down and used paper-towels to get liquid out of between the keys. We also removed the battery, there was coffee in the battery-compartment too, which had to be dried with towels.
Then we let it rest upside down and dry over night - voila.

Although in deep concern, I was being reassured yesterday night, when I googled "kaffee im laptop" and found reports of similar settings (coffee with sugar and milk) where drying was all that was required to restore functionality. One guy wrote he had his laptop in the oven for 8hrs - a procedure which was not chosen to repeat on Stefans mac-book.

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Anonymous said...

ufff ... my laptop's up again and this year's program-folder is finished, yeah!