Saturday, October 28, 2006

Life with a Smart Bag

The LadyBag was developed by six students from Simon Fraser University in Canada, in a project that mixed students from the university's interactive arts degree and the information technology degree.
It is a purse with a built-in RFID reader - the bag displays an according icon with LEDs on the outside if any of a set of objects equipped with RFID-tags misses from it, like your cellphone or keys.

On top of that, the bag has force- and motion-sensors which help detect the owner's mood,
"For example, if the person fiddles frantically with the bag, the face with a worried look will light up. If the owner hugs the bag, a happy face emoticon will light up."

(via artfuture, thx Expertina!)


bereweber said...

very cute!
love the design and concept...
but... what if you want to hide your emotions? like you are talking to someone you don't really like and the bag goes all grumpy face... we need it to be liar proof too heh heh
oh and so-cal fire proof as well!

Magnus said...

haha, good point!