Friday, May 25, 2007

Dildonic Life

monochrom's Johannes was caught checking out the 7-motor artificial vagina, disguised as a bowling pin, which Kyle Machulis had presented along with other tele-dildonic gadgets at Wednesday's DorkbotSF meeting at Porn Palace.
Kyle demonstrated the synchronisation of the device's motors to the movements in a porn movie - after marking a spot on an actress's body, the actress's movements were mapped and converted into cyber-pussy action.
Johannes is reported to have found it "Wunderbar."

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Cliché Life

St. Francis on 24th St., Mission District, San Francisco, is so cliché it's already cool again.
Taken for lunch by David Calkins, Chris and I enjoyed the atmosphere of a 50s American Diner at it's best.
Previously the "Burger & Shake" classic American meal never made much sense to me - but after having one of St. Francis' burgers along with one of their deliciously old-fashioned ice-cream milkshakes, I perfectly understand the concept!
This one is definitely worth going back.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Pacific Life

Having arrived in San Francisco yesterday for Maker Faire and RoboGames, I was a bit surprised how much the Pacific Ocean cools down things here - had to buy a warm jacket today before anything else!
Otherwise SF is as awesome as I remember it, not that we would have seen that much of it yet, but you get a good feel of the flair here in Mission District, where Chris and I are lodged at Mr. Robotics and Missy SuicideBots' house.
(Photo of downtown skyline taken behind the house)