Sunday, July 30, 2006

Physically harmed Life

I hate Vienna! I hate Europe and it's culture of dwarfs!
I almost can see and hear the tiny dwarf foreman with his measuring tape, going "Aw, it's high enough for the likes of us to pass - quitting time!" to his jockey-sized workers.

The vicious thing is, most street-signs are in fact high enough for me to pass beneath them. But over the years I have hurt my head on more than just one - without a construction site adding height to the sidewalk.

I have cried out from pain on open streets and asked myself, do people of 194,5cm (AGYTCI - ask google yourself to convert it) have no right of walking the streets of Vienna without being physically harmed by streetsigns overhead?!

But the beastliness of adding 2-4 inches under a sign, so 6ft4"ers who were used to passing unharmed would scratch their skull!

I curse you, generations of european mites, line of tiny ancestors!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Life is War: Robots vs. Children - Round 7

A Boingboing-reader sent an update on the child-eating robot-invasion - from the 1970s!
Obviously our governments have done a real great job covering up these incidents all those years ...

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P.S. an interesting sideline, also on Boingboing today: NASA officials removed the phrase "to understand and protect our home planet" from their mission statement

Friday, July 21, 2006

Life on Porkbutts and Taters

Charles Taylor, former Liberian dictator, is unhappy with the meals served at the rather eurocentric facility in the Hague.
Well, we're crossing our fingers, that once convicted, he will be able to choose from a more multicultural menu.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Graffiti Life

Graffiti on Währinger Strasse: This is not a gallery / Ceci n'est pas une galerie.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Snack Life

In the space at Vienna's Westbahnhof where Subway used to run an obviously unsuccessful franchise, an asian snack-bar has moved in.
I tried the Peking Duck in a pancake and I'm encouraged to move on to trying something else next time, as it wasn't bad at all.

Had to go to Westbahnhof for Sunday's shopping, and the weather being sunny but pleasantly cool I strolled through Auer Welsbach park on my way back, where I had a little picknick.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Celebrating Life

Valie Göschl had her birthday party yestereve at the transacoustic research's headquarters ...
where this interesting installation captured everyone's attention, not only with it's by-product, a dangerous herbal spirit, but also with it's musical side - the bottles in which bubbling was going on were wiretapped.
I actually listened to it before knowing where the pickups were placed and was wondering really hard, what could produce such a spirited percussion session.

For the record, I have documented my present.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Life being Putin (file also under "Cthulhu awakening")

After wrapping up an online conference last Thursday, Putin took a few minutes to answer several of the most-popular questions sent in by Russian Internet users, Kommersant reported Friday. The two journalists who hosted the 130-minute webcast had largely ignored the top-rated questions submitted online from around the world, focusing instead on foreign and domestic policy issues.

"Yes, we will use the latest technical devices. Already now they are being stationed, for example, in the southern parts of our country," Putin said when reporters asked him after the conference whether Russia planned to use "gigantic, humanoid war robots" to defend itself.

Asked about the possible awakening of the giant mythical octopus Cthulhu, the fourth-most popular question among the more than 150,000 sent to Putin, he said that he believed something more serious was behind the question. Cthulhu was invented by novelist H.P. Lovecraft and was said to be sleeping beneath the Pacific Ocean.

Putin said he viewed mysterious forces with suspicion and advised those who took them seriously to read the Bible, Koran or other religious books.


Update: pictured to the right - a leaked humans vs. gigantic robot scenario from the russian "humanoid war robot department" ...
(via Sergey Teterin)

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Latex Life updated: Paint It Black!

When ca. 9/10 of the 1L latex were gone, I thought I had to try the black color that came with it - and so I gave the magnetic thingies I'd made an additional layer of black latex.

I still think the transparent thingies were pretty pretty too, but black, of course, is my favourite.

Rotating Life

Can't help sharing the development of this Popelismus-painting ;)

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

North Korean Life

I must say the hype with which CNN and probably other american media are covering an unsuccessful test of a missile, which is by no means a new contraption, disgusts me.
I'm aware it's about how DANGEROUS such a (functional) missile could become loaded with nuclear warheads. Oh-kay. Would it mean North Korea would have even 1% of american nuclear firepower? I don't know. It seems it's a long way to go anyway, so please, 2 days headline breaking news?! Fook.

So, for a brighter view of North Korea let's turn to Vienna's North Korean embassy's showcase again.

Here we can see brave little Koreans boiling their brains with old radiation-spilling, eye-wrecking CRTs ...

... and here's where they might move on to - the technical U's modern E-library where anything including book-reading is computer-aided.