Sunday, July 30, 2006

Physically harmed Life

I hate Vienna! I hate Europe and it's culture of dwarfs!
I almost can see and hear the tiny dwarf foreman with his measuring tape, going "Aw, it's high enough for the likes of us to pass - quitting time!" to his jockey-sized workers.

The vicious thing is, most street-signs are in fact high enough for me to pass beneath them. But over the years I have hurt my head on more than just one - without a construction site adding height to the sidewalk.

I have cried out from pain on open streets and asked myself, do people of 194,5cm (AGYTCI - ask google yourself to convert it) have no right of walking the streets of Vienna without being physically harmed by streetsigns overhead?!

But the beastliness of adding 2-4 inches under a sign, so 6ft4"ers who were used to passing unharmed would scratch their skull!

I curse you, generations of european mites, line of tiny ancestors!


surfsidekick said...

I had the same problem, so I just started walking on my knees.


Magnus said...

hee - why didn't I think of THAT myself!
the midgets will love this!