Wednesday, July 05, 2006

North Korean Life

I must say the hype with which CNN and probably other american media are covering an unsuccessful test of a missile, which is by no means a new contraption, disgusts me.
I'm aware it's about how DANGEROUS such a (functional) missile could become loaded with nuclear warheads. Oh-kay. Would it mean North Korea would have even 1% of american nuclear firepower? I don't know. It seems it's a long way to go anyway, so please, 2 days headline breaking news?! Fook.

So, for a brighter view of North Korea let's turn to Vienna's North Korean embassy's showcase again.

Here we can see brave little Koreans boiling their brains with old radiation-spilling, eye-wrecking CRTs ...

... and here's where they might move on to - the technical U's modern E-library where anything including book-reading is computer-aided.

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