Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Life Elsewhere

my digital rights-hero and SF-author of choice, cory doctorow, has been threatened by a pr-manager of a software company for blogging on the potential risks of starforce anti-copying software: http://www.boingboing.net/2006/01/31/starforce_threatens_.html
the guy seems pretty carried away "... lies! 11 intl. laws! FBI! ..."
amusing, if it wasn't bothering too!

Monday, January 30, 2006

Life and Death

on the death of nam june paik i would like to post this quote:
Please join  us for a moment of silence at the  second opening of Moving  Time.  Moving Time is the last exhibition  Nam June had participated  while alive.  Moving Time: A tribute to  Nam June Paik at the Korean Cultural  Service New York  present Nam  June Paik's seminal video works from the  60s and 70s. The  exhibition will also feature recent work of 30 international   artists representing different generations and different cultural   perspectives: Rene Sultra & Maria Barthelemy, Terry Berkowitz,  Krista  Birnbaum, Jonathan Brainin, Hong Buhm, Damien Keller &  Adriadna Capasso,  Graciela Fuentes, Mariam Ghani, Elastic Group,  Sigrid Hackenberg, Kye Ryoon  Han, Claudia Joskowicz, Jung Kang,  Jeong Han Kim,Tae Jin Kim, Mayumi Kimura,  Hyun Jean Lee, Hyunsoo  Joy Lee, Joo Young Lee, Seung June Lee, Carlos Motta,  Wanda Ortiz,  Jaye Rhee, Sang Ho Shin, Molly Stevens, Jeanne Susplugas,Traci   Tullius, Shiying Vicki Yang, Lin Yilin, Jorge Calvo.   The curators  of this exhibition give thanks to 30 most innovative,  supportive  and generous artists who have agreed in joy to pay humble but   heartfelt tribute to Nam June Paik who has been influential in  every area of  video art since he unleashed it in1965. It is an  honor to have Nam June  Paik-the father of video art-as the special  guest artist in Moving  Time.
Thursday 2th february there’ll be the opening of the second part  of the exhibition General  Information  Location: Korean Cultural  Service NY, 460 Park Ave., 6th Fl. New York, NY 10022 Website:  www.koreanculture.org

Life Ahead

finding this image of an i-pod inspired tattoo has triggered something in me ...
somehow i think it would be a really great idea to give away free tattoos with the ROBOEXOTICA-logo (and webaddress) at this year's event ...
just have to find a tattoo-master who would like some promo ...
i don't think it's been done before, has it?

Saturday, January 28, 2006

This Is The Life

meanwhile i found out about cory doctorow's post on boingboing, quoting will knight's article on NewScientist about a beer-pouring bot given away by a japanese beer company ... quoting me on the bright future of home robotics!
it doesn't happen every day, so i am afraid, i will not be able to maintain this standard of sensational news ;)

meanwhile also the sun has been switched off and i've gotten my butt out of the apartment, if only to the supermarket ...

Why I Started The Life

guess i got ambitious after creating that 23hq account and starting to share pics ...
(actually i had to realize this ain't my first blog after all - last year i started a "diary" on robots.net! )
seriously: i spent the last years convinced i was not a blogging person ... so what is my excuse?
nevermind, i'll just go ahead web-logging things, and surprise myself in doing so!
here we go:
- it's half past one, i am past my 2nd espresso
- sun is turned on, still outside its fookin cold
- i am about to prepare a third espresso, of course i am using a stomach-friendly bean, with all the caffeine remaining but those evil bitter molecules removed. had to switch about 2 or 3 years ago, a pill for my stomach is among my medications
- my health! i recently finished a series of physio-therapy for my back. and also a group-therapy for pain-management, that was a series of 8 sessions with a doc, a one-on-one with the doc is to follow, the group has plans to meet on their own. funny thing was i was not only the youngest but also the only male in the group.
most things to be "learned" i was already aware of, but for me it was really quite new and welcome experience to get to know people with the exact same problems, caused by different pains. trying to say, with different causes for their pains, people still tend to have the same difficulties functioning in the world.
- third coffee is here with me. ah.

Friday, January 27, 2006

The Life begins

so, well, whoopee, i created my first blog from bed, using OperaMini on my Motorola V975, though creating this entry did'nt work at first ...
so, hello, i uploaded pics of roboexotica 2005 onto 23hq.com ...
not much more to say tonight, eyelids being so heavy, dude