Saturday, January 28, 2006

Why I Started The Life

guess i got ambitious after creating that 23hq account and starting to share pics ...
(actually i had to realize this ain't my first blog after all - last year i started a "diary" on! )
seriously: i spent the last years convinced i was not a blogging person ... so what is my excuse?
nevermind, i'll just go ahead web-logging things, and surprise myself in doing so!
here we go:
- it's half past one, i am past my 2nd espresso
- sun is turned on, still outside its fookin cold
- i am about to prepare a third espresso, of course i am using a stomach-friendly bean, with all the caffeine remaining but those evil bitter molecules removed. had to switch about 2 or 3 years ago, a pill for my stomach is among my medications
- my health! i recently finished a series of physio-therapy for my back. and also a group-therapy for pain-management, that was a series of 8 sessions with a doc, a one-on-one with the doc is to follow, the group has plans to meet on their own. funny thing was i was not only the youngest but also the only male in the group.
most things to be "learned" i was already aware of, but for me it was really quite new and welcome experience to get to know people with the exact same problems, caused by different pains. trying to say, with different causes for their pains, people still tend to have the same difficulties functioning in the world.
- third coffee is here with me. ah.

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