Saturday, February 11, 2006

Life in Pain

chronic pain is bad. acute tooth ache is not good either!
after a day of 8/10 (*) toothache it just now went down a bit after i decided to throw in a bit metamizol - extra intake of my regular pain med tramadol proved effectless. having surfed netdoktor a bit i also decided to down a few drops of my codein containing throat drops.
this started in the night already, when the pain would wake me up ...
today being saturday, showing up at the walk-in clinic where i usually am being dentistered upon, would have been futile.
and i just couldn't make my mind up yet to go to "barmherzige brĂ¼der" (merciful brethren) to get the tooth removed yet (it doesn't get more sophisticated there, i know from experience, alas).

(*) pain patients will be familiar with the scale of felt pain: 0 for no pain, 10 for screamin out loud pain

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