Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Better Life

i just came up with a wonderful idea how to make life on this planet better for all of us.
since not only "america is addicted to oil" as mr. bush nicely put it, but generally world economy, but more importantly also ordinary folks depend on oil products to fuel their vehicles and heating their homes - i think prohibiting commercial trade of this substance would make a great first step!
ressources so vital to all of us should not be handled by private companies. nor nation states. a new UN-subdivision can easily be financed replacing the structures which momentarily are in charge of produce and sale.
of course end users still have to pay for their use of a limited energy source, but the revenues that now pay for the fancies of a few, would be put to way better use.
by the way, of course users will have to register as addicts. america, having been the first to out itself, should be rewarded getting some kind of premium prescription, no generics and stuff.

rereading this post, i notice some of it might really make sense!

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