Wednesday, February 01, 2006

City Life

Cafe Tuchlauben has a new owner ... the long-established cafe in downtown vienna is furnished fifties style, the new owner bought all the sweet dish recipes too, like the gugelhupf.
so the only radical change for the regular patrons is the removal of the curtains, which shielded them (and the cafe) from public notice.
not only do i like the oldfashioned look of the place, i also dig the fact that the waiter-owner went through the place several times refilling water glasses, which is everything but the norm in vienna!

Update: forgot to mention, new owner Markus Muliar renamed the cafe to "Markusplatz Cafe Tuchlauben" (without replacing the vintage signs with the old name) ... by now there'a also an article in Falter (in german).

Update 2: Cafe Markusplatz has a webpage

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