Saturday, February 04, 2006

High Life

Hotel Sacher, home of the world-famous sacher tart, after the recent upgrading modification of the building, offer chocolate baths in their spa ...
cocoa beans contain antioxidative polyphenole, theobromin and coffeine. cocoabutter is rich in proteins, fat, oleic and linoleic acid, which protect from loss of moisture.
110 minutes cost €179,-, 50 min "only" 96,-, so i won't try it soon.
(source: derstandard)

yesterday i spent the whole day and as far into the night as i could manage, reading the 'Things I Learn From My Patients' thread on student doctor network's emergency medicine forum. in the midst of it the pharmacists decide to start the same thread on their forum, so now i am also reading that. will take me a couple more days. it's just hilarious.
(source: boingboing)

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