Sunday, February 12, 2006

Life Cycles

Hm, so this foto of a guy in cardboardboxes holding a sign "free robot sex" (which sergey teterin pointed out to me already back in october) finally turned up on boingboing ...
like in the video mentioned below the boxes could have used a silver paint job.

p.s. i just found sergey's own blogpost from oct. showing it, unfortunately i cannot read any russian ;(

update: the free robot sex robot keeps haunting the net ..

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teterin said...

:) most important text was on the picture. below in my blogpost i just cited 'interests' that declared of rus. lj-community 'Robots be praised': "blackjack, blackjack and floozies, new world, kill all people, kill all humans, floozies". i found this picture at this community blog for the first time.