Saturday, August 19, 2006

Life Welcomes New Reader!

In the first 24h-period that I'm tracking this page with Google Analytics, The Life has had a visitor from the U.S. Department of State, dutyfully surfing the blog-o-sphere for posts on North Korea.

I hope I could help - I promise to keep you updated about the embassy's showcase!

Any sponsors interested in advertising here with the keywords "North Korea"?

P.S.: A google search for "north korea robots" turns up a blog-entry titled "Wonderful North Korean Propaganda Films at YouTube" as #2 entry. Hmm.
For frequent news about South Korean bartending robots turn to SHIFZ-Blog.


golf nut said...

You should be honored. Now...keep watching your logs for the NSA.


Magnus said...

hehe - if they have "national security agency" as their network-name, it won't escape me ;)

.. maybe google analytics can also help me unveil the secret identity of mystery commenter "aj"?!