Friday, August 25, 2006

Following up on Life Resurfacing

The expression of the day is Dungeon Girl ... and Natascha Kampusch's story isn't in any way done with yet. After an absence from CNN-text for about a half day, I have just seen it there again, page 102, which, if you are following CNN-text frequently, you know is the equivalent of the headlining story.

It has also been in the ever-repeating news cycle on CNNintl. TV ... so - any new news from inside Austria?
Police still can't deny or confirm that kidnapper Prikopil had an accomplice. Neither is there a definite yes on the sexual abuse, although it has been indirectly implied by the police-woman who was her first contact, kind of.
For the weekend the young woman is being granted a break from questioning, staying in a hotel, supervised by a team of psychologists.
The actual circumstance of her escape: Natascha vacuumed the car in the garden, which prompted Prikopil to move away from her vicinity to lead a telephone conversation.

My excuse for getting back to this boulevard news item?
I can link to one of my teletext-photos on 23, which haven't been viewed a lot, since I only recently switched them to public (from private).

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