Sunday, August 13, 2006

Life Visiting Town

Things I didn't mention at the moment ...

... at Votivkirche: Boah, I don't know any interesting stories about Vienna churches. Whereas in my hometown Mödling though, at the main church, there's a metal door to the basement, in which you can still see the dents inflicted by Turkish weaponry, when they tried to get to the people who had found a retreat down there. So the story goes.

... when the Kahns told me that at their friend's 50th birthday-party (which they came to Europe for) along with a whole lot of other gigs, some girl - like the winner of the german American Idol rip-off - had been performing: Probably it was the Austrian Christina Stürmer, who left the Austrian rip-off version as 2nd or 3rd, but has become a "real" pop-star, and the Germans love her.

... when I talked with Gina about her skull-decorated bag: That the ubercool button with the pixelated skull I carry on my bag, was designed by Vienna's motmot-Design, 50% of who are from the U.S., I even think, Steve is from LA! (there's more: That day I wore the official ROBÖXOTICA-tee, which was printed by motmot right at the festival last year!)

What I forgot to do:
- Make more forbidden photos inside Schönbrunn palace.
- Have an accomplice stand outside art history museum, so I could through out valuable stuff through the open windows all over the place.

(4yr. old Maddy, Gina and Kenny are friends of my halfbrother's family from LA, who showed me around Vienna this week.)

Update: What else I forgot to mention!
When we talked about Arnie, I should have told of the renaming of the Schwarzenegger-soccer-stadium in Graz, where they removed the giant letters after Arny commented "Yeah go ahead, I'll sue you if you DON'T" when the city was considering it around the time of the first execution under Gov. T-850.

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