Thursday, August 17, 2006

Mysterious Life

Hm, today police inquired about my next-door neighbour.
When I came up from my basement, I saw a policeman standing in my neighbour's apartment, with his back turned to me, so I didn't say hello and ask what they were doing right away ... ten minutes later the cop rang my doorbell and started to ask questions like: do you know the guy, does he have to do with tools?
At that point a thought balloon appeared above my head, reading "Are you looking for the guy inciting his faithful to build WMDs (Weapons of Mass Drunkenness aka Cocktailrobots)? I know him - IT'S ME!", but I managed to truthfully answer I knew of nothing like that.
When the officer put the statement "He claims he doesn't have a cellar compartment" in question form, I replied I didn't either ...
My attempts to find out why they were asking that stuff - "Did he build something evil?" - were basically ignored.
Although my first thought, being indoctrinated by western media, was of course my friendly neighbour might be manufacturing hair-gel bombs or interesting stuff like that, I suspect, they might as well suspect him of something profane such as burglary (which would actually be a shock).

In the light of this event, the "pest exterminator" who rang my door about a week ago to ask if I could open the door to the cellar floor for him, seems even less likely to be real, than I had suspected from the beginning. Why would a pest exterminator show up during the building manager's holiday, obvy not on appointment?
Must admit I'd rather thought he was a burglar than a cop.

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