Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Life, Resurfacing

Wow. I mean - wow. Austrian news have been abuzz all afternoon with the possible reappearing of a girl gone missing 1998, ten years old.
Just ten minutes ago it has been confirmed, relatives (parents) have identified her (DNA test still awaited).
The story seems grotesque: A "confused" young woman is found stumbling through someone's garden in a town outside Vienna. She had jumped out of a red BMW a short distance before a spot traffic check. When police arrive, she tells them she's Natascha Kampusch, who had created grand search efforts and media coverage, when she disappeared more than eight years ago. She reports she has been held in a basement and was educated by her captor.
By the time of evening news the young woman's statement about her captor tinkering with explosives has reached media. The red BMW has been found abandoned, the manhunt is underway. A foto of the suspect has been published.

Wow again. I mean, I'm usually not so much into being touched by tabloid-oid news-items, but I have to admit - I am moved.

Update: First english media report

Update2: The culprit has commited suicide, throwing himself in front of a train during the evening. The talk of explosives merely served to intimidate the girl, none were found in the house. The girl seems to not have jumped out of the car, but got a chance to flee from the house, the guy seems to have taken off with the car then ... or so ... more details will emerge during the coming days, this is still just unfolding. Did I say wow yet?

Update3: The delight of having a CNN narrator pronounce Prikropil (the dead kidnapper)! The story is indeed bizarre enough to have Matthew Chance report from Vienna.

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