Thursday, September 14, 2006

Statistic Life

According to Google Analytics, in the last month:

As many visitor's to this page came from the ISPs British Telecommunications and the local TV- and broadband provider Chello.
The Life has had one more visitor from Brazil than from neighboring Germany.
Most visits come from the United States, followed by Austria.
Google is by far the top referring source.
Interesting network-locations of visitors: Department of Veterans Affairs, National Arts Centre (country unknown), Jesuit Publications, Google, Finnish State Computer Centre, Novartis (Singapore) Pte Ltd. (Not that any of those would top the US Dept. of State)


bereweber said...

i am afraid!
you know *everything*!
i am from the Department of Veterans "Boxes" Affairs... heh heh

Magnus said...

(just got home from where I took Matthew)