Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Sewing Life

CsMFMAATSGOIS is an installation in progress at WerkzeugH as a part of the ongoing paraflows festival.
Visitors are invited to bring their own fabric or materials, so I contributed some of my Netart, which was sewn into the evolving structure by Stefan Nussbaumer.

In case you didn't guess: CsMFMAATSGOIS is short for Coordinated Sewing Machine for Mapping, Analyzing and Transforming social Groupings of interactive Systems.

And here's some video of Stefan sewing.


bereweber said...

now i understand where your Netart and the CsMFMAATSGOIS (of course i copied/pasted this name!) merge...

another neat project! congratulations :)

one of my best friends in San Diego is going to be in Vienna in a couple of days! he's been travelling through Europe, I think I should direct him to you or/and the WerkzeugH

Stefan Nussbaumer said...

thanks for your friendly comment ;)

just wanted to mention that this carpet, sewed within CsMFMAATSGOIS, is going to become public domain in terms of a common, inalienable property (every human being owns an equal, physical share of it).

I definitly want to continue the project. So check back to CsMFMAATSGOIS. next steps will be published there in due time ...