Monday, September 18, 2006

Life on a Weekend

Thanks to bere, who referred her Euro-travelling friend Matthew from San Diego to me to direct him to WerkzeugH and other places I make look interesting on 23, I saw more of paraflows than I would have otherwise ...
Friday night I took him to the recording of monochrom's Taugshow, which seems to have been well received (and of which I got you a sneak preview here).
On Saturday I met Matthew at metalab, where he witnessed "the birth of civilization" in form of a community voting on the near future of netculture funding in our fine city.
Failed to meet him at the party at night though (from which I left quite early in order to get some sleep before collecting late birthday-gifts from my family on Sunday), where again Sylvia Fassl-Vogler did a great job of interpreting and being a better host than I will ever be.
Yesterday night was spent at WerkzeugH, where the Swedish elections were followed, although it never got too clear how many % exactly the Pirate Party had gotten.
bere must also have done some advertising cocktailrobots to Matthew, as only a little brainwashingTM was necessary to make sure he'll be there cheering us on, when we manage to get some of the local bots to Robogames!


bereweber said...

hi magnus

matthew came back today and he was really excited and thankful for all the wonderful things you were able to share with him in Vienna!
you guys made the trip a very special experience for him

i am really happy and thankful you were able to meet!

Vielen Dank!

bereweber said...

late birthday-gifts?
so was it your birthday? too?

happy birthday!

Magnus said...

aw, the b-day was back in august (thx anyway) ..
but usually i celbrate with my family delayed and combined with my brother-in-law's b'day