Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Life before the Big Robot Uprising

We are well aware that individual robot insurgents have already started singling out and devouring the more helpless members of human society: [7], [6], [5], [4], [3], [2], [1].

And from now on robots will even know what wine to choose to wash down their victims - robot-sommelier is able to identify dozens of provisions using infrared spectroscopic technology.
Giving away his role in the robot conspiracy, he identified a reporter's hand as prosciutto and recommended a Chianti Classico to go with it.

While in the near future the application will be limited to combat industrial wine fraud, NEC is thinking about actual end-user applications once they have the cost of the device down a little.


bereweber said...

i wonder... what kind of end-user applications? :)
be careful with all those robots around!, instead of them fixing you a cocktail they might fix you into a dinner plate

bereweber said...

i was looking for this post :)
finally the published this on wired blog, take a look...

not a very close look! the think might eat you!!! oh! i forgot you are used to deal with those things... invent them even... scary!!!