Monday, November 06, 2006

Life as an Odontological Guinea Pig

My dead-but-hurting 3-6 tooth is getting a last chance.
For cost-reasons laser-treatment hadn't been suggested so far, but today I was the human guinea pig in a workshop at the University clinic and had the root-channels of my problem-tooth lasered by a student. Another session is scheduled for next week and this just might save my tooth from having to be pulled.


bereweber said...

just reading it is painful :(
good luck!
does the laser procedure requires anethesia?
i hope you get those problems out of your mouth soon...

Magnus said...

In fact the laser didn't hurt at all.
In contrast to the conventional cleaning procedure which I have endured numerous times, most of the times un-aestheticized because the toth was supposed to be dead anyway and not feel anything.
But the laser: I was quite surprised how quickly that was done.