Friday, November 24, 2006

Eery Life

This footage donated by Pjotr Riedelsperger was shot at Vienna Zentralfriedhof's children's section.
Those toys and teddybears seem so out of place that the weirdness of the view doesn't pass all through the clip.
Wien's Central Cemetary is one of the largest in Europe, so it didn't surprise me that they have their own children's section - although I must say these pictures did surprise me ... on one hand a lot of the graves don't seem to have proper gravestones which contrasts oddly with the colorful toys placed upon the dirt, on the other hand the contrast of this kid-stuff and the grave-candles and crosses etc. in itself is strange enough.
There's this one grave so overloaded with toys! And other graves that look like kids are taking care of them (I figure a lot of kids DO visit siblings' or friends' graves and bring stuff).

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