Friday, March 31, 2006

Hybrid Life

Interactive robot art, featured on RobotGossip. "The human head is mounted on a motorized base which moves along a track. As a viewer walks by, the head follows on the track, while plying him or her with a cornucopia of compliments such as "I really like your hair" and "You look really hot!"

The same article seems to feature an unrelated, gruesome reminder of the ongoing robot insurgency. If it is indeed true new dimensions have been reached: "Robobaby - Combining the best of natural genetics and robotic technology."

Working Life

I recently uploaded a couple of fotos of recent works of fine art by myself onto 23hq.

Netart - a selection of shots of some of the works. Some Netart was shown at Update (K├╝nstlerhaus Wien, 2005).

And Popelismus ("Bogeyism") - a continuation of the work, an example of which i exhibited 2003 at Galerie am Park, with the first Popelismus measuring > 1x1m. Recent works are smaller due to the long time it took to finish that large piece.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Robot vs. Human Life: Continued

Human Resistance Headquarters (formerly known as boingboing) issues new report: Earth-children vs. Space Robots: things get ugly.

Oh, and that tee expressing kid's horrors is available here.

Previous posts: Five, Four, Three, Two, One.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Loughing Out Life

Xeni of boinboing not only is brushing up on her german ("BB's "Roboticization of Earth-children": das ist geFarken"), but she has the latest from the cardboard front: photoshopped assimilated from this boinboing-update on the matter, on Fark.

A Life Ended

Farewell, Stanislaw Lem!
As Lem is most well known for his science fiction works, i take this opportunity to point out his brilliant 1961 Memoirs Found in a Bathtub, which is about a man hopelessly trapped in a bureaucratic building. Yay, his irony was among the things i really appreciated.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Donkey's Life

[eSeL(*), your nom de plum saved this post's title!]

eSeL tought me a dutch game, yesterday - if anyone out there happens to know the original name, please post it!

(*)Esel (german) = donkey (engl.)

Apocalyptic Life

News from the frontline: Human reinforcement arrives ...
Fresh children arrive from space to replace roboticized Earthlings

Posts on Robot Invasion: One ,Two, Three

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Pissing Life

Yes: Piss-controlled urinal-based video games! (via)

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Life is Blaming

Heehee - i like this one: " ... sculpture titled Blame, which senses the presence of gallery visitors and then swings an arm with an accusing finger towards one hapless person, and in a loud voice proceeds to blame the viewer for some horrible crime against society. ... " (via)

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Ordinary Life

Spent a quiet weekend at home, with the plan of doing the accounting of last years ROBOEXOTICA - got to send it in soon ...
Stefan Nussbaumer's visit yesterday evening was helpful, he brought his bills ...
Stefan also demonstrated the usefulness of to me by showing me his bookmarked explanatory links for RSS (i still don't really know what makes it different from, say, atom?) - which led to me registering today and adding a few bookmarks.
Today i was struck with a terrible backache, when i cleaned the shower ...
so i better sign off noaaahhhhhhhhhw!

Friday, March 17, 2006

Caffeine-based Life

Of course, the arrival of the first Starbucks in Vienna, a couple years ago, was a shock for everybody ... by now it can be said they helped make take-away coffee a more commonplace thing here in Vienna.
This might make no difference to some traditionalist coffehouse-goers, but in places like the General Hospital, where the crappiness of the vending-machine-coffee depends on the station you're at, Starbucks makes just so much sense!
And it wasn't permitted to smoke in the Hospital in the first place ;)

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Life is Eat or ..

.. be eaten! Time to strike back for human earthlings and munch a piece of robot ... [happy birthday, engadget!]

Cardboard Life

At first sight they are less frightening than belowmentioned man-eating robot-invaders ... but they're involved in pretty grim action!
Or are the Kami-Robos, as they're called, the cannibals' young?

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Life on Earth

alarming news of the ongoing man(kid)-eating robot invasion come via BoingBoing:

".. more compelling evidence that mechanical invaders want to devour the children of Planet Earth .. another fireman assimilated into robot consciousness. The struggle was mighty, the force just too strong."

... previous post on invasion.

- be prepared!

update: it's pandemic!

and they aren't content with consuming kids anymore, either:

quote:" This ain't a costume I'm wearing. Robot's own the streets at night. See that little bag I'm carrying with me? I stole it from a toddler. I pushed him over and ran away. Easy as that."

update2: BoingBoing readers have collected more footage of the robot insurgency!

Monday, March 13, 2006

Life's a Conspiracy

What a nicely made film "proving" the US government's behind 911 - Loose Change 2nd Edition!


(thx Chris)

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Tagged Life

I found this gallery of cartoon robots via this collection of robot-tagged images of graffitied cartoon bots on 23hq.

Humanoid Life

It's always anew fascinating what a little cardboard and tape will do:
Cute robot invasion found on 23hq.

more cardboard robots:
Robot Wars,
Krach the rocking robot,
Free Robot Sex

update: i just knew, someone at BoingBoing wouldn't be able to resist the cuteness ;)

update2: quoting boingboing: "More evidence robots are devouring our kids
Cute? What's so cute about this? Robot invaders from outer space gulp an innocent child whole, he stares back at you, helpless, trapped -- and you call it cute? Oh, it's cute until they come for you, my friend."

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Virtual Life

"Viennese computer scientist Daniel Wagner has figured out a way to show a virtual character on an i-mate SP5 cellphone, and when you move around with the cellphone, it appears that you’re floating around this virtual character in 3D. Other people with cellphones can also see this character from their points of view. Augmented reality, indeed. ..." (more ...)
In the comments on the gizmodo post there's also one or two interesting links apropos augmented reality.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Dear Life ("dear" like in "expensive")

In russia, mobile phone users pay for incoming calls!
Their czar Putin just signed a law, that will change this for most domestic incoming calls, but russians will still have to pay for foreign calls they answer on their mobile, also for calls from some specific russian regions, starting 1st of july.

I could have been aware, if i had spent some thoughts on sergey teterin's strange question, how much incoming calls on the cell, that he was being equipped with during his stay in vienna, would cost! but i guess this was just too shocking an idea for me to ponder: paying for incoming calls?!?!

Friday, March 03, 2006

Amazing Life

On MAKE:blog I found this post on Information Unlimited, an online retailer for things "experimental and dangerous".
They sell stuff like ion-ray or microwave guns, lasers, high energy pulsers, mindmachines, robot kits, Tesla coils, "anti-gravity" tools, you get the picture ... link

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Naked Life

yesterday i added Kurt von Finck's "David" to the sidebar ...
so now today i created this version of a boycott pic with Botticelli's "Birth of Venus".
next i shall animate a gif with both images ...
(triggered by smartfilter blocking boingboing for occuring "nudity")

update: finally succeeded in finding a free gif-animator that wouldn't put a logo in
... so i replaced sidebar-david with the outcome ...
feel free to copy and use!

update #2: made a version using Gustav Klimt's "Judith 1" ...
... and one using a male rear from Egon Schiele's "Der Akt" to re-establish gender-harmony.

.. animated male-, female- and austro-version gifs.
and of course, the all in one:
- which has had it's two months in the sidebar by may 1st. (haven't heard much of the censoring issue lately)