Sunday, March 05, 2006

Dear Life ("dear" like in "expensive")

In russia, mobile phone users pay for incoming calls!
Their czar Putin just signed a law, that will change this for most domestic incoming calls, but russians will still have to pay for foreign calls they answer on their mobile, also for calls from some specific russian regions, starting 1st of july.

I could have been aware, if i had spent some thoughts on sergey teterin's strange question, how much incoming calls on the cell, that he was being equipped with during his stay in vienna, would cost! but i guess this was just too shocking an idea for me to ponder: paying for incoming calls?!?!


teterin said...

I hope you will check russian telecommunication reality personally before July :) I mean you future trip to Russia (+Perm) that I am very interested

teterin said...

> for foreign calls they answer on their mobile

- in fact, for all incomings, incl. local/domestic

Magnus said...

"- in fact, for all incomings, incl. local/domestic"
yes, but that will change 1st of july thanks to new law, no?

.. how much does it cost you to pick up your mobile?