Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Reading Life

I can't remember when the last time was, that I read a magazine from front to end, usually starting at a random page, jumping around ...
Not so with Make:Volume05, which I had ordered, in an attempt to prove I could overcome the local amazon's (.de) obstacles that seemed to try to prevent one from finding, identifying and purchasing Make: Volumes, a while ago and that I had sitting in my living room as a chic piece of decoration.
When I finally moved it to the loo (when the historian supplements of Wiener Zeitung, which my father provides me with, were all finished), I found myself starting with page one and continuing from there sequentially!
It really got me wondering when I realized I was reading the third article in a row in that sequential matter - something quite out of the ordinary, because even when I start a magazine frontwise, it doesn't take long and I start skipping forth and back.
While none of the article's sounded so overwhelmingly interesting that I would have read it instantly when first reading the table of contents, when the magazine finally arrived (it had been sent back once without reaching me at all, so it took twice as long), each of the articles were short enough and in itself interesting enough to not make me stop reading after the headline.

So far so good, many people already know Make: is a cool zine ...
but today I experienced another fine moment with my Volume05, when I had gotten to the interview with Woody Norris, a remarkable, REMARKABLE inventor, who is responsible for the LRAD device, which got into the news when a cruise ship used it's sound beams to fight off pirates.
He also invented some other cool stuff and the interview ends touching on the subject of gravity, or defying gravity, a task Norris has turned to with some academic help. If he's right he might start fighting gravity in about ten years.
So imagine me sitting on the loo, imagining myself 20 or 30 years into the future, holding my Volume 05 of Make: magazine, and regarding it as we today regard those marvelous magazines from the 1950s.

Hm, what was the point I was trying to make?
Dunno, let me sum it up like this: I like imagining the future. I hate gravity. Make: is a good read and I also recommend the blog.
Besides, when I was looking for a pic of Volume05, I found out Volume06 is out now and has that article about ROBOEXOTICA in it, Cory was writing!

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