Saturday, April 08, 2006

Life and Awe

3D-fotos of 9/11 would amaze me even more if i had a 3D viewing device ;)
Not that it would bring back the awe with which i watched the pictures live back 2001. Still ...
(via boingboing)


Anonymous said...

I think these photos are 'faked' 3d. I was originally skeptical that someone just happened to be walking around the city with a stereo camera (but if it could happen anywhere, it could happen in New York).

Upon examining them with my 3d glasses, the depth effect seems very planar - I have no way to prove it, but I think these are normal pictures, with the 3d effect created after the fact by cutting out various parts of the image and arbitrarily defining their depth.

Have a look closely and tell me I'm wrong. The stoplight in the foreground of image 2 of 12 is particularly revealing.

Magnus said...

well, i was thinking the pics in the webgallery were "tinkered", so anyone with red/green 3D goggles can view them -
the lithographs they sell, i guess would be the "real" thing, for which you would need that other stereoscopic device to view.
if this is so i wouldn't call it fake but "exemplary illustration".

Magnus said...

actually, when you click yourself to the lithography set you can see that those cards have two images next to each other, which are viewed through a vintage type stereoscopic viewer.
i guess for the webgallery they took those two images and colored one green and one red.
clever - i guess a lot of people have red/green goggles at home (last time i had some was in the early eighties though, when they did some experiments on austrian TV)