Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Intergalactic Life

Nice. Via MAKE: "This ubercool Illusion of Christopher Walken flying through space is our newest submission. Beleive it or not, this magical "animated" illusion is a composition of two images only. The second picture is just color-inverted original (with no other modification or shiftment from the original). Looks pretty easy to make your own, but it's hard to top an intergalactic Walken."


ranke said...


very easy very effective!
great artwork and untopable! said...

hey m.- you may find this interesting: when i last went to n.y. in dec. '99, the flight was via a change of planes in l.a., which was sunny and i assume warm (didn't get outside). while waiting in the line boarding the plane i noted to myself how sensible the tall gentleman in front of me was to be wearing an overcoat, suitable to the n.y. winter, unlike the other mostly southern californians boarding who dressed as you might imagine. other than this he also stood out in carrying a duffel-sized bag that no ordinary mortal would ever be allowed as carry-on. the mystery was shortly solved as said man held the rest of us up in first class as he and the stewardess tryed to find space for the extra large bag above the aisle. if you haven't guessed yet, it was your outer-space man himself, who was much taller and older looking in person than i imagined, his face and forehead quite weathered and craggy, no doubt a sign of some hard living. also grey hair which came as a surprise as it's so often dyed in his movies. hope you enjoyed my tale. peter

Magnus said...

peter, indeed i wonder what mr. walken could have been carrying around ... and, true, i can't remember ever seeing him on screen with gray hair! take care, m