Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Real Life - what's that?

In Second Life, when you click someone's profile, there's a tab titled "1st Life". Some people actually write something about their real life in there (I give a link to the SHIFZ webpage where you can find more than you want to know).
But in surprisingly many profiles I keep finding statements like "2nd life has become my 1st life" or "I don't have a 1st life anymore" ... and I have to admit I spend enough time inworld to feel caught red-handed reading those entries.
Not that there had been too many outdor activities to cut down on. And actually I read this article about some research suggesting spending time in virtual worlds has positive effects on peeps with chronic pains - so there's no bad conscience involved when I spend hours re-arranging prims on my virtual land.

But it has somewhat noticeably reduced my blogging activities, here as well as on SHIFZ-blog.
However I might post more 2nd Life related stuff here in the future.
Have a good day.

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creativeguy said...

I would like to read further :)