Saturday, June 23, 2007

Insecure Life

For sure they make you take your shoes off twice on your flight from San Francisco to Vienna, transferring at London's awful, awful Heathrow airport ... but if you forget a lighter and a nail-file in your carry-on luggage none of their scans will reveal that.
I had been loking for the file for roughly over a week - except in the front-most compartment with the vertical zip, which I still find it strange I put it in!
Actually I had thought to myself once when I was looking for it in the rucksack "Ha, maybe they'll find it at the airport, that would be one good thing about the security frenzy at airports."

On another note the suitcase with Cockbot One in it, which went missing on the journey back to Vienna turned up and will be delivered to my house this evening.

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