Saturday, January 06, 2007

Life's Waste

Making up for many years not dumpster-diving, I rescued a stack of 78rpm records recently.
Someone in the house I live in had put them in the trash and I saved those on top which obviously hadn't come in contact with any yucky spoils yet ... haven't counted them yet, but I think it's a couple dozen of them!
I am only beginning to browse through them - the first two I brought up to the light from the basement were one with Zarah Leander - a singer popular in the 1930s and 40s, and the other one featuring the well known "Wienerlied" (lit. Vienniese Song, a local genre) Ich brauch' ka schöne Leich ("I don't need no fancy funeral").

Currently I'm trying to auction the Zarah Leander one at eBay: Link

1 comment:

ursusdave said...

Yup, lottsa items in dumpsters ain't got no yucky stuff on them. Keep yur eyes open, yur nose closed and DIVE! DIVE! DIVE!